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Balloon Dog

Having just completed our first ever week at Little Oaks Wrap Around Care, we welcomed some of our children for the first time. We enjoyed a huge variety of activities all based around a circus theme!

All manner of creations were made with paper plates, from some stunning animal masks to some really creative circus games and even a beautiful miniature puppy circus!

We honed our circus skills of juggling, plate spinning and balloon modelling.

We’ve also enjoyed lots of outdoor play, making the most of this lovely sunshine: Hide and seek, fort building as well as some extremely inventive games created by the children!


At Little Oaks, we believe in play-led learning so will always be guided by the children’s interests. We have been so impressed this week by the creativity, team work and willingness to try new things. The children’s skills and strengths have really shone through and I’m inspired to practise my juggling skills this weekend!



This week at Little Oaks, we have been continuing to grow in numbers. Our theme has been Superheroes.


The children have had some brilliant ideas for their superhero and have even made some fabulous potato superheroes to represent their creations. They participated in superhero circuits and obstacle courses and, kept inside by the rain this morning, even made mini obstacles for the super potatoes! During After School Clubs this week, we have been baking cupcakes too. Not only were they yummy but the children showed superhero skills by independently weighing, mixing and spectacularly decorating! 


The theme has also given the children opportunity to explore strengths, talents and what makes them special.  


By request, we have several exciting themes coming up including Space, Dinosaurs and Animals! 

Science Museum Space Exploration

At the request of several of our club members, this week saw us explore the theme of space. We had lots of fun activities, including a solar system scavenger hunt, where the children had to find and order the elements of our solar system, constellation hide and seek, rocket building and making our own planet biscuits and glitter space scenes. 


We also made our own edible constellations using marshmallows and fruit, did some space yoga to keep us calm and relaxed, made rockets out of junk and learned lots about the universe, stars and space!

Animal Fossil

The 2nd October was a non-pupil day at BSP school and we had a group of children from KS1 and KS2 join us for the day. The theme for the day was dinosaurs - chosen by our breakfast club children. Although it was a bit of a wet and muddy day, we had a great day doing lots of dino related activities. 


We did lots of dino colouring, dinosaur role play with toy dinosaurs, we went on a dinosaur egg hunt on the school grounds and everyone matched the eggs to their dinos very well. There were some great and creative dinosaur islands made out of papier mache, and lovely toilet roll dinosaurs. Lots of fun was had tackling the dinosaur obstacle course where the children really used their imagination, we made our own volcano which was fun to watch erupting and we even got to put on our paleontologist hats and do our very own fossil dig, finding long buried dinosaur fossils. Dino biscuits and edible dinsoaur models also made an appearance! Although we were all a little wet and muddy at points, it was a great day's holiday club.

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