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Wrap Around Care for your School?

We offer a range of partnership opportunities for both schools and members of the school community. Our approach to setting up wrap around care at any school revolves around bringing together a business opportunity and those closely involved in the school community.

For Schools:

Working in partnership, we will bring our tried and tested operating model, activities, processes, policies and procedures to your school along with the right business owner to run and manage the wrap around care business.

The whole process is completely outsourced with minimal involvement needed from the school, other than a commitment to an ongoing partnership and the provision of space to run the wrap around care. 


All Little Oaks Kids settings are fully self-managed and run, insured, vetted and supported by the Little Oaks Team.   

For Potential Business Owners:

Little Oaks Kids can provide a great business opportunity with full support, for the right person, to set up their own wrap around care business. With our 'business in a box' all systems, policies, practices and procedures are in place so you can hit the ground running. We offer full support through the company set up process, DBS checks and the OFSTED registration and inspection process, as well as ongoing training (safeguarding, first aid, food safety and more) planning and activities to use in your sessions, and many other benefits for the smooth running of your wrap around care business. If you have a passion for working with children, particularly if you are involved with a school community and would like to run your own childcare business, a Little Oaks Kids wrap around business could be a great opportunity for you.


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